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Training and Simulations

Tietronix develops effective corporate training and instructional products to fit your training needs. Our team of instructional designers, creative artists, and industry and technology experts can develop and design interactive presentations, computer-based simulations, social media projects, and classical instructor-led courses and lectures. We have developed training for NASA, military academies, universities, community colleges, doctors, and hospitals. Our experienced corporate training team, proven instructional design approach, state-of-the-art development tools, and rigorous technical and visual standards, guarantees the success of your training and simulation projects.

Advanced Skills Training

  • Tietronix’ expertise is in the development of custom training that teaches new technologies, advanced techniques, and product specific operations.
  • Advanced skills training offers a safe environment for learning and practicing new skills without risking harm to personnel or damage to equipment.
  • By teaching advanced skills in a safe environment, your company can increase its productivity and the skill level of its workforce.

Vocational Skills Training

  • Tietronix has proven experience in building virtual environments that train students in basic job skills such as plumbing, electrical, and construction.
  • The simulated environments provided by our training lessons help the student to better visualize and understand concepts and tasks.
  • The immersive nature of this type of training is proven to speed up the learning process, allowing students to grasp concepts faster and with greater retention.
  • As an added benefit, students can practice real-world skills in a safe environment, without risk to themselves, others, or expensive equipment.

Safety Skills Training

  • Tietronix collaborates with industries to create virtual environment training simulations to teach safety-related skills.
  • These simulations can help you train new employees as well as make sure existing employees are re-certified to properly and safely handle machinery and equipment.
  • Our simulations allow the training of employees in a safe and engaging environment in skills that typically are dangerous to the individual, risky to equipment, and time-consuming to learn.
  • Through this training, Tietronix can help you minimize lost work days and keep insurance and other operating costs down.

How We Deliver Effective Training:


At Tietronix, we specialize in the development of virtual environments and problem solving scenarios. Through our extensive experience in the virtual arena, we create simulations that focus on training and operations. These simulations allow the trainee to learn new techniques, visualize concepts, and practice tasks in an environment that simulates real-world situations. We offer multi-platform development for added diversity in presenting your simulation.

Our simulations can reduce the cost margin of your physical testing and allow you to offer scenarios that are typically too expensive or too dangerous to perform otherwise. We can provide multiple scenarios, realistic characterizations, and various viewing angles to offer a complete experience.  From grasping simple wiring techniques to landing on the moon, we can assist you in building an engaging experience. Our instructional designers, creative artists, and game and simulation developers can help you bring your training material to life, allowing you to have the greatest impact on your employees.

Web-based Learning

Tietronix can develop interactive website technologies, dynamic presentations, 3D animations, and podcasts that expand your training programs. Through this method, trainees can familiarize themselves at their own pace with new skills, concepts, advanced technologies, and more.  Structured in an e-learning environment, we can take your existing instructor-led workshops or develop one for you that helps you reach a broader audience.

Face to Face Workshops

In addition to our other training development activities, Tietronix can design and facilitate training workshops.  Either at your location or event, we structure to your needs. Our workshops are designed for a small group setting for maximum impact. We can design workshops to help trainees learn new techniques, job or safety skills so they can work more comfortably, effectively and safely in the future.

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