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With the popularity of today’s interactive entertainment, games have become commonplace with all generations and around the world. At Tietronix, our dedicated in-house game designers have over 25 years of combined experience in the game industry, specializing in the development of virtual environments with problem solving scenarios, imaginative characters, and exciting game-play.

Tietronix creates games and simulations that focus on education, training, professional development, entertainment, and other areas, covering the spectrum from web to console. Our talented staff of developers is ready to tackle your next interactive project.

Serious Games

We realize that game development can be a revolutionary idea for educators and instructors. However, many educators in the industry are beginning to see the potential for games in the classroom. Our staff is ready to bring your educational ideas to life, from concept to delivery. With our in-house education staff combined with our game design team and creative artists, our aim is to bridge the gap between game-play and education while delivering students the most engaging experience possible.

Tietronix develops virtual environment games of all types to introduce students to knowledge skills in math, science, technology, and more. Serious Games can enhance learning and have a major impact on the level of engagement and interest. Our games help players visualize complex problems and situations using interactive scenarios. In addition, Tietronix develops games that have Do-It-Yourself (DIY) components that allow teachers to customize the game for maximize impact.


At Tietronix, we pride ourselves in the development of accurate simulations; manipulating real-life data for use in precise real-time scenario simulations. We can provide multiple scenarios, realistic characterizations, and various viewing angles to offer a complete experience. We offer multi-platform development for added diversity in presenting your simulation.

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