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Bringing Education Technology to the Classroom

The Tietronix Education Technology team is comprised of certified educators, instructional designers, and project management personnel. Their experience in design, development, implementation, testing, teaching, and presenting educational material, gives the team a deep understanding of the education   environment and needs of students, teachers, and schools. These skills, coupled with Tietronix’ talent in user experience, creative design, and advanced technology, makes this team the complete solution for innovative education and technology services.

Our team of professionals works with a variety of clients, including universities, public school districts, museums, science centers, government, and corporate entities. As the leading provider of educational products for NASA’s Human Spaceflight Program and the Space Life Sciences Directorate, the team created educational products for all ages and audiences. Likewise, as principal investigators and proposal awardees for the National Science Foundation, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Houston Independent School District, Tietronix is leading research and development in the education technology field.

We provide the expertise and personnel needed to bring your organization to the forefront of education service providers. Together, we can form a partnership for project success.

Content Development

Tietronix has been a leading provider of educational products for NASA funded projects. From concept to complete brand-identified educational packages, Tietronix educators and instructional technologists has worked with NASA subject matter experts to create engaging content based on real-time NASA data and application topics. Tietronix also has helped expand their audience reach with teacher training workshops, and representation at national and international education-focused conferences.

Math and Science @ Work is designed as free-response questions styled after the Advanced Placement Program® by College Board®. The project targets advanced high school students, and includes topics relevant in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Calculus.

Exploring Space Through Math targets high school math classrooms beginning with Algebra 1 and progressing through PreCalculus. Using the 5 E’s instructional model, this project brings real NASA data into the classroom and highlights how NASA engineers and scientists use mathematics in the work place.

NASA’s 21st Century Explorer is a standards-based, 3rd–5th grade program that uses multimedia to introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and space exploration concepts. Students investigate topics in human space exploration by applying the scientific method as a problem-solving tool. The content is available in English and Spanish.

Educational Web Design

Tietronix leverages software development, technology expertise, and user experience design to bring education to life on the Internet.

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut was designed, built, and maintained by Tietronix. This multilingual, international website supports the NASA Mission X: International Fitness Challenge to inspire and educate kids on physical fitness and proper nutrition anchored by the excitement of space exploration and astronaut training. The Mission X website is built on a content management system framework and hosted on a cloud server with support for multiple device and screen resolutions. The website is the main portal for teachers and students to interact with the project lessons and activities in their native language, as well as the challenge blog, video training, teacher interactive forums, and gamification such as a point system and badges. Tietronix also designed and developed the initial set of Train Like an Astronaut educational content which led to the international fitness challenge.

Educational Games

In order to strengthen and enrich the education of today’s students and help them understand the skills and technologies required for the 21st century, Tietronix partners with universities, public school districts, and corporations to combine industry experts with the goals of educators. We help provide standards-based content and technology to create interactive experiences for the learner.

Code of Aegis was developed for DARPA through the SBIR program. This STEM engagement game focuses on teaching computer science aptitude, critical thinking, and programming skills. By merging a graphic novel with an interactive game, students are scaffolded through the instruction and introduced to programming concepts and robotics programming knowledge. Usability testing during development, along with Formative and Summative testing in the classroom reinforced the learning effectiveness.

The Tietronix Education Technology team developed this project from concept to market. Partnering classroom educators with robotic and programming experts, Tietronix led the curriculum development, game design, and graphic novel illustrations. The game is a multi-platform solution that is currently available for the 6–8th grade classroom.

New Century Energy (NCEG) game was produced for Houston Independent School District through a grant from Chevron. Built as a collaborative experience for teams of students to build an electric utility company that meets needs of cities throughout the U.S. Players must perform research on energy sources and pass assessments to improve energy output of their power plant and advance in the game. Tietronix worked with teachers to build the content for 4th–12th grade students.

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