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Creative Services

Our in-house Creative Division offers outstanding capabilities and talent in 2D and 3D visualization. Using the latest multimedia technologies and a proven process, Tietronix creative services are used for a variety of products in the fields of science, industry, medicine, legal representation, and more. In addition to concept visualization, we have a long tradition in developing personable characters for advertising, entertainment and education. Our creative talents are also being employed in the production of serious games and simulations.  Our services include: Animation, Modeling, Illustration, and Graphic Design.


From its conception, animation has been used to create imageries impossible to achieve with existing or live elements. Using hand-drawn or computer generated images that change over time, Tietronix can help you untangle highly complex concepts and depict “impossible” situations or viewpoints, or captivate your intended audience with engaging images and sounds.

  • Character design and animation for education, promotion, and entertainment
  • Photo-realistic synthetic movies
  • Textures and shaders for real-time applications
  • Special effects for videos
  • Animated charts and graphics
  • High Definition, Standard Definition and many film formats supported
  • 2D and 3D productions


Computer Generated (CG) models cover a wide range of complexity and functionality; from Computer Aided Design to interactive simulations and games. When the need arises to create highly complex, photorealistic images, or simple interactive characters, Tietronix CG models can transform your ideas into reality.

  • Complex NURBS and polygon based objects
  • CAD to polygons, polygon reduction and optimization for interactive applications
  • Textures and shaders for realistic, real-time performance
  • Character design, virtual sculpting, UV mapping, and texturing


Since man’s earliest times, illustrations have been used to fulfill the need to visualize a concept, process, feeling, or even a mood. Whether you need to demonstrate a concept or stimulate one’s interest, Tietronix illustration services can help you effectively convey your ideas in a cost effective and direct manner.

  • From photorealism to cartoon
  • Character design
  • Photo-retouching and special effects
  • Exploded views and technical illustrations
  • Storyboarding for video, film and game development
  • Sequential illustrations

Graphic Design

Visual layout is crucial to effectively arrange elements in a pleasing, cohesive and communicative manner. Tietronix understands the importance of visual layout in the success of your product. In light of this, we create brochures, web pages, and other items for the greatest impact.

  • Brochure and poster design
  • Web page layout and human interaction functionality
  • Presentations
  • User Interface design
  • Custom space design (booths and displays)
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