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Mixed Reality

Tietronix has a long history of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (VR/MR). We began on an early NASA grant to explore the technological possibilities for the ultimate mobile platform – space! Since that time, we have been at the forefront of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technology, having early access, through NASA, to many of the most in demand platforms. In that time we have seen a transition in Virtual and Mixed Reality, moving from novelty to functionality. As we work with each new platform, the value the technology can bring to the marketplace is more and more profound.

TIetronix was as an early adopter of technology. While working with NASA, we began to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for space applications.

Our focus is on creating Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for the serious use case. Our history of work with mixed reality partners such as General Electric, Baylor College of Medicine, Methodist, LivaNova and NASA has left us with the experience necessary to execute on the most challenging of projects. We specialize and excel in difficult use cases with a heavy compliance burden. Our VR/MR team includes experts in advanced 3D UI/UX design, 3D creative, instructional design, standards compliance, and cutting-edge development.

  • At Tietronix, we have developed a Mixed Reality procedural guidance tool kit for active procedure authoring. With embedded Augmented Reality components, procedures can be edited on the fly. This system provides workforce improvement directly to companies bottom-line.
  • We were the first company to integrate hardware with a Microsoft HoloLens to allow the HoloLens to control a complex medical device (General Electric FUS Ultrasound). This fusion will open the doors to new use cases and truly displays the platforms power.
  • We are using the HoloLens to relay commands to robots working remotely. This can turn the gestures of a person into finely tuned robotic movements. This advanced skill set led to Tietronix to being a highlighted HoloLens developer at the 2017 Microsoft Build Conference

Our Tietronix team has a passion for innovation. We are always building and growing and we would love to work with forward thinking companies seeking a Virtual and Mixed Reality journey.

HoloLens - Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Maintenance
HoloLens - Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Maintenance
HoloLens - Jet Engine Visualization
HoloLens - Jet Engine Visualization

Autonomous Ultrasound Interface

Ball Valve AR Procedure Training

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