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Optoelectronic Engineering

Tietronix specializes in the development of anti-blooming and anti-glaring optoelectronic systems. Our patented system protects optical sensors and human vision from being blinded by bright light sources in the visible spectrum.

Our optoelectronic engineering team at Tietronix has developed the Dynamic Optical Filtration System (DOFS). This system protects both human and camera vision against extreme light conditions caused by solar or artificial glare, both direct and reflective. DOFS is a combined camera and filter system controlled by our advanced software. Although the DOFS system was originally funded by NASA and was designed for space exploration, it has a wide range of commercial, aerospace, and defense applications.

Commercial Applications

Industrial Welding

In the welding industry automated systems are used for precision welding.  A slight deviation of the welding source or target can be costly.  In normal welding, a welder uses a protection mask that contains a shading material. However, even with a mask the welder cannot see details behind the light. DOFS offers a better and safer method for observation as it selectively eliminates the bright spots providing the operator better visual control. With DOFS, the welder can see the welded materials clearly in real-time during the welding process through a computer screen.  This way any deviations can be avoided immediately.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras are susceptible to blinding by bright light sources. DOFS protects the camera and enables it to operate under extreme bright conditions such as sunlight or artificial light from an intruder.

Aerospace and Defense Applications

Space Exploration

DOFS eliminates the blinding glare from the Sun during spacecraft docking and rendezvous. This results in safer and shorter time to complete docking when the Sun is in direct or reflective view.

Most space robots use cameras for computer vision. The Sun, reflected sunlight from metal surfaces, or a bright artificial light source can interfere with camera vision. DOFS enables cameras to see better under these extreme light conditions. Our team is currently working on implementing our DOFS system for use in extraterrestrial vehicles.

Landing on Aircraft Carrier

The Sun and its reflection on the water can increase the level of difficulty for a pilot to land a jet fighter on an aircraft carrier. DOFS can improve the vision of the pilot and the navigation camera for a safer and quicker landing.

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