Medical Device Visualization Services

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Tietronix’ concept visualization services provide the vivid details about your medical device project that words alone cannot convey. Using graphics and animations, we can help you communicate your ideas to diverse audiences such as potential investors, board of directors, physicians, and patients; provide training visualizations to instruct surgeons in the implantation procedure; or teach patients how to interact with the device. With our concept visualization services, Tietronix provides you the tools to start turning your ideas into reality.

Tietronix offers

  • Visualization of design concepts from prototype to final rendering
  • Effective method of communication to investors & stakeholders
  • Animation of medical procedures
  • Simulations of device operations

Medical Animation Excerpts

Medical Graphics

Example of color graphic
Example of color graphic
Example line graphic
Example line graphic

Medical Devices

Medical Animation: BloodFlow

Medical Animation: Heart